Sunday, June 30, 2013


[Cough ... choke ... sneeze ... cough]

Apologies for the dustballs and spiderwebs ... it's been so busy in the land of Tamaki Rakau, that I have neglected to roll by here - now, where do I begin?!

One of our 2013 schools, Riverina School, joined our successful projects after being on the waiting list for YEARS.  We are finally hitting Central and West Auckland.  Riverina School just hit the trail running, starting classes almost immediately after initial meetings with Champion Carol Dickinson.  Before you know it - I'm Skyping with students and chatting about Internet and other things.  

Too soon - Graduation Evening arrived at the end of May.  Di Daniels and Brandon the Techie were able to attend along with myself (of course!  I'd never miss a grad!).  We were greeted warmly by Principal Doreen Martin, the face and heart of Riverina.  How excellent to walk in and see the efforts everyone has gone to in acknowledgement of the graduates.  Our students were in graduation hats and the hall was full.  Dance items had been prepared by the schools Cultural group and an amazing video presentation to follow this article.

I love it when our trainers are acknowledged so sincerely by the school, the students and the whanau.  Big thank yous to Rebecca and Amanda.  An extra special thank you to local MP Maurice Williamson and Warrior's legend Reuben Wiki, both of whom sent digital messages for the evening.  

Please watch and enjoy the video presentation courtesy of Riverina School CIH Class of 2013.

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