Sunday, June 30, 2013

Made it in MANUREWA


Our last summer graduation took place in Manurewa South School as 20 graduates FINALLY got to take their computer packages home.  

Training sessions took place in the Parents Hub, eventually reaching our 'due date'.  We were delighted to have Di Daniels and Joce Williams join our whanau, and partake of a hangi prepared by students.

 Thanks to Principal Tone Kolose for inviting the project into his corner of Manurewa, and for offering strong words of congratulations to all graduates.  Thanks also to Ron - who tracked down anything and everything needed and for having the keys available whenever the room was needed.  

Congratulations once again Manurewa South - we will see you in Stepping Up 2013 :)

Thank you also to Christina for her gift to the graduates and 'buddy' of dance.

Made it! In Manurewa on PhotoPeach 

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