Sunday, February 24, 2013


Double the Celebration!

Under the tutelage of the Otara version of 'Laughing Samoans' - Daniel Siliva-Tupua and Aina Masina - a new class of families graduated in November 2012.

Their power guest was the formidable boxer - Joseph Parker, along with many whanau members in support and our 2020 Trustees.  Words of encouragement and congratulations were offered up by Principal Pele Leaupepetele, Di Daniels and Joce Williams.  Pretty much a star-studded cast!

Our techie, Brandon, was also in attendance for a minute.  He barely had time to sniff the sapasui before he was whisked away to do computer installs!  

Thank you for making it happen again Wymondley - you rock over there in your corner of the world!

Wymondley AGAIN! on PhotoPeach

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