Monday, August 19, 2013

MAY ROAD SCHOOL - Make It Happen!

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to introduce the project to our Central Auckland schools.  Amongst the schools selected for the new cluster, was the awesome May Road School!

My first visit there to meet with representatives of three schools, was so warm and welcoming.  Principal Lynda Stuart embodies that very welcoming nature and I am delighted to say - it runs through the school community.

Peter O'Neill was the trainer, and by all accounts, an all-round entertainer!  Thanks to Peter for guiding parents through the digital maze - all the way to graduation.  I have never seen a trainer so spoiled in a graduation!  Congratulations to you Peter.  It's wonderful to see all of our trainers appreciated by their students and their host school.

This co-ordinator had a wonderful surprise in meeting the IT for two schools in the cluster was a friend from way way way back.  The IT is responsible for all of the wonderful photos taken for two graduations.  Thank you to Nikki Gemmell for sharing these memories with Computers In Homes.

By far - my favourite shot - is the proud husband of a graduate offering his sweetheart a place to sit - May Road WIN for the 'Keeping the Romance Alive'.

May Road Outstanding Student - Sevai Tolovae and Trainer Peter O'Neill

To read the rest of the report: 

To see the fantastic photos:  Picasa Album

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