Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Rosebank School Graduation

Rosebank School in Avondale, graduated their successful families on July 13 and what a fantastic turnout! So many family members came to celebrate and cheer on their parents! A big thank you to the champion of the project Lavinia Robyns Lead ICT and Principal Heather Bell. The trainer was Michelle Hudson, who brought a lot of fun and practical elements to the sessions. She would even create problems with the hardware for students to troubleshoot. Rosebank parents also had the assistance and support of mentors along the way: Joce Williams (Co-Chair CIH Steering Committee), Jan Sila'ila'i, Aunty Bernadette, Mesepa Matthes, Tautala Tevaga, Simotu Lavea, and Phoebe Fabricius. Special guests for the evening included MP David Shearer, Brian and Jackie Lawrence (Conbrio) along with Di Das (CIH National Director).

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