Wednesday, August 24, 2011


20 June - 22 June, Roadtrip to Pukekohe

Di and I travelled to Pukekohe to meet the next cluster of projects and their champions.  The first port of call was Pukekohe Intermediate School, where we met Gary Sweeney - Vice Principal, IT and Project Champion.  He had invited staff to join the meeting and view the presentation along with Robyn Withers-Lauer, Tumuaki for Pukekohe North School.  Robyn is now our Project Champion for Pukekohe North!   The meeting started off quietly but by the end of the presentation and discussion - there was a buzzing at the potential the programme could have in their schools!  They're all about finding solutions and eliminating problems from the start. It's great when staff are already thinking, "I have families of students in my class that NEED that programme - when does it start??".  The meeting was successful and planning had begun already for targetting whanau in each school.

Our second meeting was with Te Honongo Puna Reo.  Our contact there was the very welcoming Tumuaki Denise Proctor and Matua.  Both of these leaders were excited about Computers In Homes and actually having access for their own collective whanaus.  It was during this meeting we learned about the great community initiative taking place in Pukekohe.  A community that is working on unity - where different sectors know what the others are doing.  This is the approach all three participating schools are taking.  Exciting!  Beginning as a community project together!  They're excited and so am I!  These projects will kick off at the end of August.  The joint Whanau meeting will be Tuesday, 30 August. Watch this space folks!

Welcome to the programme Te Honongo Puna Reo, Pukekohe North School and Pukekohe Intermediate!  I look forward to celebrating your successes in due course!   

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