Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Manurewa High School Graduation

Manurewa High School hosted the graduation of their 25 successful families July 14. A huge thanks to their champion Vice Principal Daniel Wilson, and to their energetic trainers Tim Randel and Saubree Edinberry. Thanks to our special guests for the evening - your support is greatly appreciated: MP for Manurewa George Hawkins, Co-Chair CIH Steering Committee Colleen Brown, Brian and Jackie Lawrence (Conbrio). It was great to have Di, National Director for CIH, in the house too!
A multimedia presentation inclusive of students work and interviews was part of the evening's agenda. Impressive! Student's were only too happy to share a reflection, opinon, vote of confidence and thanks with all of us. It was wonderful to see the turnout of proud families. It's no mean feat to enter the world of digital literacy if the technology is a frightening thing. Having friendly, fun and patient trainers like Tim and Saubree make the trip a lot less fearful and more an adventure in learning.
Congratulations on your successful graduation!

An article that featured in the Manukau Courier July 14.

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