Sunday, December 4, 2016

St Mary McKillop Catholic Primary School Celebrate

St Mary McKillop Catholic Primary School are like the first cousins of a graduation we hosted a few years ago.  The link will come to light in a moment.  First - the class graduation photo:

Graduation night with whanau, Hon Su'a Willaim Sio MP, Madam Chair Mangere Otahuhu Council  Lemauga Lydia Sosene, Principal Mike, Trainer Linda Wirjapranata and more whanau!

When I arrived at the school hall, Friday night, I was met by a flurry of activity in three different rooms preparing for the celebration.  The shopping had arrived, the food was arriving and the trainer had departed!  (home to change).  Principal Mike was standing in the middle of all the comings and goings admiring the packages our whanau were about to receive.  I stood there admiring the exceptionally great looking packages too.

Trainer Linda Wirjapranata is a graduate from a CIH project hosted by St Joseph's School in Onehunga.  Her lovely husband, Peter, is now part of the staff at St Mary Mackillop.  What an endorsement to have them share about the quality of their computer that still goes and has stood the test of time and children!  Through this family - we were invited into the St Mary McKillop whanau.

Sharing the night were leaders from the community and long time supporters of CIH in Mangere.  We have new friendships in the school trustees and staff now, not to mention the 23 graduates and their whanau.

One of the highlights for me was seeing 23 computers disappearing out the door into the family car BEFORE the celebration meal.  Usually whanau are relieved that the formalities are over and it's just time to enjoy fellowship.  Nope.  Not these guys.  The excitement level was high!  

Thank you for an amazing night St Mary Mckillop graduates - ohhhhhh and that banquet set me back a month in gym work!  Be the mentors and confident guides that you have spoken about and enjoy your packages.

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