Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Roscommon Graduate and Shine

Remember how I said to watch this space on the Roscommon School Training sessions?  Well ... here it is!  The graduation of the wonderful whanau from Roscommon School intake under the tutelage of Sarah 'Awesome' Ennor and Deputy Principal Christine Patea.

The graduation was embraced by the school wholeheartedly and planned as a 'first event of the day' for the school.  The morning began with the graduates and guests assembling outside the hall to be welcomed in an official powhiri.  How wonderful to be exhorted in such a way!

Parents/caregivers were treated to a beautifully decorated hall and dining areas.  Sarah and her crew of young people had spent quite a while getting everything just right.  A full hangi was cooking near the staff room and other dishes were being carried past us.  Quite the distraction.

Many guests had arrived to support the celebration - many thanks to Dr Jocelyn Williams (Auckland Steering Group), Councillor Calum Penrose and local kaumatua.

One of the highlights of the morning were the powerpoints created by students. A total of 193 slides that had the recurring theme of ‘Family’ and ‘Gratitude for new opportunities’, that says alot about the awesome parents/caregivers at Roscommon.

Enjoy their show!



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