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Mansell Senior School Making Headlines

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Parents back in the classroom

Mansell Senior School has opened a new space where two community programmes are being run. One is Computers in Homes and the other is family development programme Whanau Ara Mua. Doing some computer skills revision, from left: Naomi Fakapulia with 10-month daughter Inet Matilda Junior, daughter Setaita Fakapulia, Computers atHomefacilitator Tania Manuel, back, student Totua Tiatia Elia and daughter Mereane Tiatia Elia. Photo: TAO LIN

Tiatia Elia Photo: TAO LIN

Mums, dads and even grandparents are all techno-savvy, thanks to a free community computer course run through Mansell Senior School. 

It’s the first time a Papakura school has hosted the nationwide Computers in Homes program and it’s one of two the school is offering in its newly opened ‘‘whanau fono’’ space. 

Principal Rebecca Kaukau says the aim is to get parents more connected with their children’s learning. 

‘‘It’s about getting the parents engaged with the school, to see that learning is for life,’’ she says.

Computer in Homes facilitator Tania Manuel says she’s had a handful of people who had no idea how to even turn on a computer. 

But that’s when the program can help the most because its aim is to teach basic computer skills.

Manuel says it’s important for parents to understand what their children are doing on the computer. 

‘‘In order to make sure their kids are learning at school they need to be aware of what they’re doing by practicing it at home and making sure learning is an on-going thing. 

‘‘If parents are excited about learning they will be able to transfer that learning to their children.’’ Once the adult students complete 20 hours of training, they will finish the course with a free computer, internet access and technical advice for a year. 

Papakura mum-of-six Hine Bills is one of 25 students enrolled in the course. 

Before she started, she had no idea what a task bar or shortcuts were, let alone how to use the internet or what virus protection was for. She signed up for the course not only to learn new skills but to make her kids proud. 

‘‘I needed it in order to learn what my children were doing on the computer. I’ve got an android phone and they know how to use it better than me,’’ she says. 

‘‘I want them to now look at me as Super Mum outside of home because they only see me with the cape on at home.’’ Bills is also enrolled in the other program at the school, Te Whanau Ara Mua, which is facilitated by the Solomon Group and teaches topics like family relationships, children’s learning, family well being and financial literacy. She’s hoping both programs will also help her get back into the workforce. 

❚ Places are still available on both these programs, which are open to members of the local community, including parents of children from other schools in the area. Contact the school on 298 8737.

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