Monday, November 17, 2014


"The mahi is done!  We're ready to take our computer home!"
Waikowhai School is tucked away in a picturesque corner of Mt Roskill Ten whanau celebrated their 'student' graduating on the 3 November 2014, a lovely Tuesday evening, I might add.

In attendance was Principal Germaine Petersen, BOT Chairperson Michael Wood and Trainer Matt Riceman.  Also in attendance were LOTS of whanau!  How awesome to see them awhi their mums and dad with haka and LOUD rounds of applause.

This graduation shares what many of our Computers In Homes graduates from all over NZ share - an appreciation for great trainers, an appreciation for the new bonds between students and they always confess who the cheeky ones are!

Thank you Waikowhai for enjoying your training so much that you want to do more!  Thank you for celebrating your parents success.  Well done! 

Principal Germaine Petersen offering warm words before the supper and the cutting of the graduation cake.

Principal Germaine, Trainer Matt Riceman and
BOT Chairperson Michael Wood

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