Saturday, September 14, 2013


Heading out to West Auckland was a sudden thing!  One of the schools was unable to begin and graduate their project before the end of our CIH year.  A phone call with Principal Rob Taylor, after a referral from one of our Steering Group members, lead to a whirlwind of acceptance and a flurry of papers being exchanged through the scanner and emails!

Rob leads Colwill School out in Massey and opens the door to Computers in Homes in that area.  This is one of the schools that is part of the 'Dental Hub - Community Hub' projects.  Remember those little dental clinics where we would take the long 'walk to the murderhouse' back in the days? ... yes, well ... good news! These buildings are being renovated and refurbished to become community training hubs for different programmes.  Colwill's Community Hub was complete by the time the project began in Term 2.

Brandon and I attended a Whanau Evening near the end of June - meeting a group of parents from Colwill and West Harbour School.  The BOT Chairperson Maggie Scelly was subtly coerced into being the trainer and Taylor Oades, the schools resident IT, became an assisting trainer.  They weren't left alone in this!  They were joined by the very hardcase Community Hub co-ordinator, Nicky Adams.

Graduation night rolled round on July 31 - capping the end of another successful year for Computers in Homes in Tamaki Rakau.  Thank you for the wonderful tautokos that absolutely lifted the project beyond computers.  Thank you for recognising the worth of relationships in your school and the community spirit that has drawn you all together to pursue more for yourselves and your whanau.

Stepping Up will be rolling out very soon and taking digital literacy to our senior community :)  Keep up the GREAT work Colwill!


And a big thanks to Margaret for letting me take this shot for the blog ... 
"Over at last but so worth it"

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