Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sir Edmund Hillary Collegiate Middle School Graduation

Graduate Mrs. Makaleta Matakaiongo (seated)
with proud daughter and moko 
 The Heart of Aroha

A very strong treasure this school has is the heart of aroha for it's Whanau.  This was evidenced in the anecdotes and tributes shared on the night of their graduation in July 2012.   

Praise abounded for the trainers Christine Kaumoana and her wicked sense of humour, and for Manu Ngakuru-Syder (also IT support).

A huge thank you to Principal Kallie Ngakuru-Syder for welcoming Computers In Homes into SEHC and for providing the extra support where it was needed.  The nights I dropped in to visit the sessions, Principal Kallie would be there watching the children that had come along with parents  and setting up activities for them to do.

SEHC Middle School CIH Graduates 2012

Christine and Manu - CIH Trainers
Sir Edmund Hillary Collegiate graduated 15 students and have the auspicious honour of having 'Nanny Tonga', Mrs. Makaleta Matakaiongo, our most senior graduate yet at 72 years of age!  This class bonded together in their awhi of Nanny Tonga, who found the initial concept of computers daunting.  Her visible discomfort drew many of the students to her,  the walls of shyness came down quickly and (from many reports) - sessions were loaded with comedy and warmth from then on.

I would love to bring the project back to this school!  It's heart for whanau is huge and the level of support is awesome.

Well done and congratulations to everyone that participated.

The bridge has now been built for whanau and school.

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  1. Manurewa South School is very priledged to have CIH Thanks so much to the tutors and co-ordinators.