Wednesday, August 22, 2012

More than a Graduation - Te Kura Kaupapa Maori O Puau Te Moanani-A-Kiwa

Computers In Homes was welcomed back into TKKM Puau through tumuaki Katene Paenga, leader Linda Douglas and trainer Rodney Bethan-Kitto.

The impressive design and the atmosphere of welcome greet visitors as soon as they enter the car park.  Every project has it's own personality and TKKM Puau certainly continue that Whanau feeling when you are among them.

The whanau meeting was exceptional - hearing the participating families commitment to see each other graduate and to help each other along.  That is exactly what they did - 16 families graduated on the 15 June 2012.  I attended with Steering Group Chairperson Joce Williams and IT Brandon Johnson.  A small powhiri began our afternoon along with a mat full of very excited tamariki.  

The surprise of the evening was the gifting of a waiata written by Rodney Bethan-Kitto and Kerry Anne Te Ua Flavell.  The students had been practicing the waiata for a couple weeks, had filmed themselves and used it as part of the digital camera focus in their project.  

The quality of the video clip I have does not do them justice - I hope to find a better one soon (with the students help!).  Please enjoy the waiata. 


Hikohiko taku roro e
My brain is stimulated
Hikohiko taku roro e
My brain is ignited
Anei ngā mahi, mahi rorohiko, hei ako mā, tātou katoa,
Here is the task for us all to learn about the electric brain.
Māma me Pāpā, tuakana, teina, te whānau katoa.
Mum, dad, older and younger siblings for everyone.
Harikoa ngā mahi ako rorohiko, awhi atu awhi mai te katoa.
Learn about computers is fun and enjoyable, everyone helping each other.
Mutunga kore te mahi ako, mahi ako rorohiko.
Learning is endless, especially about computers

Engari e hoa mā, tūpato, mataara i ngā ngāngara rā o te ao ipurangi.
Be careful; be alert my friends of the viruses and spams and indecent acts of the internet world.
Poipoia, manaaki ā tātou tamariki kia haumaru-maru tātou katoa
Nurture, care for our families so that we all be safe from harm
(Poipoia, manaaki)
i ngā wā katoa.
At all times

Composed by Kerry Anne Te Ua Flavell and Rodney Behan-Kitto
Tune is to the song ‘My Name is Michael’


  1. nice lunch do it again haha

  2. It is a real honour to be chosen to participate in this programme. I get to learn new things that I would never thought I'll be able to do. I also have the pleasure to meet some lovely people. Ooh must not forget our lovely co-ordinator Cara.