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Wymondley Road School set an incredible pace with their energy and excitement in the Computers In Homes project.  I first met Principal Tone Kolose and Lead ICT/Senior Teacher Daniel Siliva-Tupua in November 2011.  They were so eager - they were ready to start that week!  With the additional support of Vice Principal Marie Inger - I should not have been surprised that the infectious energy of the Project Champions would also be present in the schools whanau.

I could tell the story BUT Daniel and the fantastic families that participated, have submitted these already.  Please enjoy their journey with us.  By the way - it is true about Daniel's jokes! Hahahaha!

Lead ICT/CIH Trainer Daniel Siliva-Tupua

The Wymondley Computers in Homes Class of 2012 has been a privilege to be a part of. Our school is 100% Maori and Pasifika and a hurdle for both the school and parents has always been giving our students access to the same learning tools that other children have around New Zealand.  With the thumbs up from Cara Sefuiva and the Computers in Homes programme, we were able to invite 20 families who didn’t have computers in their household to undergo 20 hours of basic computer training with the incentive of being offered a refurbished computer and subsidised broadband in their home upon completions.
The 20 parents were split into 2 groups, with an hour a week for 8 weeks plus 3 Saturday blocks of 4 hours for each group. The parents who have taken part have been an absolute joy to tutor. The range was from total novices, parents in study to those who have had experience through their jobs, family and church interactions.
Right across the board all involved have been committed and whole heartedly greatful for the opportunity they have been given. They understand the significance of not being afraid of technology, its convenience and impact it can have on all their lives. Before lessons they are an hour early, when it is time to pack up I have to ask them to “Please shut down and get lost”. Their confidence has grown exponentially and this will undoubtedly flow into the interactions and learning they do with their own children and for their own future learning.
Here are some further testimonials and photos from our lessons. At Wymondley it’s been a family affair like always and how it should always be. Please excuse the food near the computers because that’s just how we roll. 

Daniel Siliva-Tupua – Trainer

This computer course has given me the knowledge to know alot, experience the differrent techniques and computer skills that I thought I already knew about.But, I guess I was wrong its shown me an easier way to actually know about what I'm doing and how to use a computer when  I'm doing any assignments I need to get done for my studies. Not only that, I get to know what my children are using when on the net whether it is apropriate for them, blocking websites thats not suitable for their age and giving them a time limit as well for them to all have turns.
Experiencing alot throughout the course has given me the confidence to share and help others, not only for my children but mainly with our Pacific Island people who are still unsure of a course such as this one out there. I hope they have more of these (C.I.H) Computer In Homes Courses around Auckland as it really does help many other families who have children too, with assignments, projects, posters, powerpoints and maybe  making invitations or something to help out with your church activities it is a "MUST" for many of us.
Taking the course was the best step for me which i could tick off my list Why? because its completed, I did it just by turning up, making sure I used the time to ask a lot of  questions and get what I needed to know  about using a computer
Thank you again to the people who bought this C.I.H programme out to us it was such a great way to make new friends, learning the skills,  experiencing and working  as a TEAM together  to get this far and graduating together until the very end!!! Way to go to the parents and families who went for it.
 I did it! It was really worth taking the course!

Thanks to our tutor Daniel Tupua Siliva for helping us throughout the whole  programme really enjoyed all the laughter,the dry jokes, more laughs and more DRY jokes againYou have helped us a lot so we are grateful to you having the time to teach us on how to use computers.
God Bless on your work!

Thank you,
Vivienne Lemauai.......  

Taking the course was a huge step for me. I was always afraid to touch a computer in case I pushed the wrong button and wrecked it. The fear I had for touching a computer pulled me away from learning how to operate a computer. Even though I was afraid, I tried my best to learn how to operate it, with the help of my tutor. So now I can help my child with his school work.
I have learnt to:
·         Set a time limit on a computer
·         Block certain websites
·         Create and delete folders
·         Set up a user name and password for my child
·         Open and operate a word document
·         Create my own email address and learnt to correct my mistake in Word

I am always in class ½ an hour before starting so that I can memorise what we learn. I also learnt that a computer is another way to stay in touch with the world. Now I have I’m loving it! It’s like having my own personal library at home.
Thanks a bunch Computers in Homes. I wouldn’t have done it without your help.

Nono William

24 March 2012

Kia Orana my name is Sharron Mehau and I am a student/parent of the computers in homes programme. This programme will give me and my two children the opportunity to access the internet in terms of research, homework, emails etc. I would like to thank CIH for the free computers that will help benefit myself and my children and especially Daniel for taking his time to help us parents how to use the computers. Once again on behalf of me and my children we would like to say thank you for giving us a computer.

Sharron Mehau

Hello Cara,
Hope I spell your name correct. Just a few words from me as one of the student who benefit from this computer class runs by Dan the man but before I carry on further let me introduce myself.  My name is Simione Taufalele and I am a father of three children, two boys and one girl. I lived at Wymondley area also and all my three kids went to Wymondley Primary school.  I had only one son left at Wymondley right now and I am grateful and happy to be a part of this great community of Wymondley
 As I was told that I am in the class I was thrilled with the opportunity because my kids wants a computer and also I need to learn more.  The class has fulfilled all the expectations and all my requirements and needs in regards with computers. I also know that you had picked a great teacher to teach the class and I believe and know he does a great job.   Thanks so much for bringing and making this class available here in our community. I know that my children will benefit a lot from this computer.
Cara you did not know how much it means to my family of what you have done and may God bless you always for being a caring, loving and everything you do. I will l always remember this and I will do likewise to help someone like you had done to my family
Thank you so much
Love and respect
Simione Taufalele

What a revelation to be participating in the Computers in Homes with a group of people from our neighbourhood. I to like the rest of the group has a child or children attending the Wymondley Rd Primary School.                                                                                                   Without my son’s determination, persuasion and his wanting of having the use of a computer, has given me reason and   a insight that I do can learn alongside of him and from him in the many uses that a computer can provide. Plus the minimal costing and the free computer which comes with doing this programme.
The upside for me doing the Computers in Homes was having the right person with computer smarts at the helm. We had that person in Daniel. His positive vibes gave me the encouragement to do and try things with a computer which I never thought I had. Tena koe Daniel.

To  Computers  In Homes.

First  of  all,  I  would  like  to  say  thanks  to  the  lord  for  his  blessings  up  on  both  of  us.  I  wish  we  are  the  same  in front  of  his  lovely face.
Now  I  would  like  to  take  this  great  opportunity  to  say   a  big  thanks  to  you  all  for  the  offering  of  computers, the  bible  says,  If you  get  more  to  your  neighbours,  then  GOD  gives  a lot  in  your  hands  and  fill  the  empty  place  in  your  house.  Now  I   am  really  enjoy  to  learn  what  we  did  and  what  we  do  in  the  computer. also  my  heart  is  fully  thanks  cause,  I   know  how  to  go  to  the  Internet,  Microsoft,  email,  and  children’s  program.
Also,  thanks   for  this  lovely  course    I  can   learn  more  about  it.

For  now  I  can  close  it,  but  sorry  for  my  second  language,  I  know  you  already  understand 
about  that,  may  the  lord  blessed  each  and  every one  of  you  guys.

Thank you  very  much.

From  Meleane  Lealea

To computers in homes

Hi dear How are you? I am Seira Paualaisa and I am in the Monday computer class. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you very much from the bottom of my heart ,for this  great opportunity that you have given to me to do this course. I think this is a good time for me to stand on my two feet to take this wonderful chance to learn how to use the computer and get more about it. Also I want to be a famous computer man.

For now I have nothing in reward but I pray God to bless each and every one of you and give more days to live
Thanks a lot for everything

Yours truly
Seira Paualaisa 

Hi my name is Laelae I am a mother seven children, three girls and four boys. I live at 28 Firth Crescent Otara Manukau
I write this letter to you people to say thank you for this course. To me I learn more things about the course. I thank very much for my Teacher Mr Siliva to teach me. I learnt a lot more things about the computer. I am very happy to come to course. I can help my children to do their work. 

Laelae Tausaga

This computer course has been an awesome experience for me, I have learnt so much on how to use a computer an now, appreciate computers a lot more.
I would like to thank Computers in Homes for the opportunity it has given me, an my tutor Mr Siliva for the time he has put in, to teach us these new skills.
Thank you Computers in Homes, and Thank you Wymondley Primary School.

Yours  Sincerely Jeff Kesi

Hello, my name is Eseta and I'm a mother of four lovely children I wanted to attend this course for the benefit of my children for their homework at school.
I would like to thank the computer in home for helping our family to have our new computer, and also for those families who haven't got any computers at home.
Taking this course is a great experience for me to learn more about computers, how to use it, write letters, sending email, using internet. We had awesome lovely tutor Siliva who taught us more and I had learn a lot from him thank you. And I would like to say Thank you Thank you Very Very Much to the CIH.
May God Bless You All.
Eseta Lemanu

Hi my name is Sui Finau
I like to thank for a computer to helping my children thank you so much.

To come ... Graduation Day 


  1. My name is Elder,i'm so clad to be one in Computers in Home Course,because they give me more oppotunity to learn about computer and also and oppotunity for my kids to have a free computer and a internet as well and times to suit me while i'm working.Tutors there are very helpfull,kindly and friendly to all the students and i'm happy to working together with them while i'm studing with them.
    thanks a lot and GOD BLESS.

  2. Talofa Elder

    I am glad that you are meeting the challenge to be one of our CIH families. It is never easy embarking on something new and strange to us BUT that 'new' gives way to exciting things. I look forward to sharing in your graduation :)