Wednesday, December 14, 2011

WOW WAIUKU! View Rd School Graduation

21 November 2011
We did it!  Woohooo!
What a fantastic time out at Waiuku!  I attended the graduation with Di and Hazel Jennings (2020 Communications Trust).  We arrived early and joined families, staff and trainers in a lovely late afternoon tea.  The venue was the staffroom and it was quite cosy. The tamariki were all excited and chattering with us as soon as we arrived.  The parents/grandparents all wanted to share about their experiences from the first session right up to next week (which hasn't happened yet!).

The wonderful trainers Cara Hughes and Maria Harris shared just how much the project really changed their participants lives.  It is a real joy to see our adults engaging in learning and modelling this for their children and grandchildren.

Please enjoy the slideshow Waiuku - thanks for taking a moment to interact using the comment section ladies! Keep writing those notes and thoughts. Big thanks to Tumuaki Cris Hull for leading the school in participation - watch for the interview video after the slide show.

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